1136W Développé (Standard Shank)

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Style: 1136W Développé (Standard Shank)


Capezio #3 shank 

Roll to demi-pointe with ease in the Développé Pointe Shoe. This premium pointe shoe has a moderate, feathered toe box and a firm, 3" leather board shank, 1/2 skived to zero. Features built-in, plush inner lining for extra comfort and a wide platform for much-needed balance at the barre. Stitched pleating construction absorbs sound, making every movement gracefully quiet. Ideal for a moderate (Greek) foot. 

Note: If you are shopping for a first pair of pointe shoes or a new style of pointe shoes, it is recommended that the shoes be fitted by a professional to ensure proper fit. Pointe shoes should only be worn with proper training and instruction. They can cause injury if worn improperly.

  • Ribbons and elastic are sold separately
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