S0271L Pro Arch Canvas PNK

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A certified BLOCH favorite! This ladies classic split sole canvas pump is a soft and durable square canvas ballet slipper, with fine mesh inserts which hug the foot and allow it to breathe. Pro Arch protects the foot and offers the same freedom of movement experienced when dancing without shoes, making it the ideal pick for class.

  • The front outsole pad is wider, shorter and has no ridges, which creates a flatter platform to pivot on, eliminating bulk in the arch and providing maximum metatarsal protection
  • Cotton lining with antibacterial properties to keep your shoes fresher for longer 
  • Elastic on the top line replaces the need for an untidy drawstring and eases pressure on the top of the foot
  • Made using a traditional construction technique used by cobblers and still used in the manufacture of pointe shoes today
  • Pump construction encourages the canvas to hug the arch and reduces material bunching underfoot when pointing
  • Soft and durable square canvas which molds to the foot
  • Heel seam cushion for a smooth and aesthetically pleasing line of the foot
  • Tear drop shaped pads at the toe and heel promote extra flexibility for the foot to arc
  • Pre sewn crossed elastic gives a secure fit


Start two sizes down from regular street shoe size.

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