H073 Lifeknit Calf

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Lifeknit™ Calf Length Sox

Lifeknit™ Sox are seamlessly engineered for movement. Ideal for dance, training, and recovery, this ankle sock prioritizes comfort, support, and compression. Strategically placed compression points within the sock reinforce and lift while the durable cushioning absorbs shock to improve performance. Wicking yarn enhances moisture ventilation and overall breathability. Our Lifeknit Sock prevents odor and bacteria while distributing body heat for all day comfort. The soft base also creates a second skin feel that fits along the arch of the foot like no other. Slip-free traction at the ball of the foot and other critical contact points for maximum foot-to-floor grip

Product Features:

  • Material: 90% Nylon, 9% Spandex, 1% Polyester
  • Strategically placed compression for reinforcement and lift
  • Durable cushioning absorbs shock
  • Slip-free traction at the ball and heel of the foot
  • Wicking yarn enhances ventilation and breathability
  • Women and Children begin with street shoe size. Men begin 2 size up from street shoe size.
  • Sizes XS (13-3), S (4-6), M (7-9), L (10-11), XL (12-13), XXL (14-15)
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