HONEYCUT® is focused on creating authenticity between the product and the
dancer athletes who inspire them every day.

Meet the “sweet fit” of HONEYCUT® and their approach to dance lifestyle.

From the HIVE, located in Southern California, creative director and owner,
Darcy Post and her team, conceive and curate this contemporary dance wear line.
Channeling their obvious love of movement, saltwater and a naturally boho beach lifestyle,
the collection combines form + function and brings an ever fresh perspective to
the dynamic dance world.

Their brand name, when broken down, means “sweet fit” and reaches beyond the studio.
HONEYCUT® is a highly researched and tested archetype of the new direction dance is taking:
a ready-to-wear-anywhere collection, vibing individuality and blending seamlessly
between studio and street. Always inspired by their art form, adventure and the allure
of all things so-cal, a signature aesthetic has been created.

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