Fuzi was founded in 1996 by Xijun Fu. While dancing professionally; he became increasingly troubled with not being able to find a pair of dance shoes that fit comfortably and would last.

So he decided to make his own. After much thought and hard work, the brand of Fuzi shoes was born. It started very small, 70 pairs of pointe shoes and a couple hundred pairs of slippers.

Eventually, by word of mouth, Fuzi gradually grew and the news spread across the United States and then the world. A shoe this good couldn’t be kept a secret.

Then, in 2002, the company moved to Washington State to open their retail store called "Fuzi Dance Etc." for ease of travel between their new factory in China and the United States. 

The company has continued growing, constantly pushing to create longer-lasting, high quality products while always listening to the dancers they are made for.