Motionwear V-Back Strap Bra- Adult

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Bra tops are a sporty and comfortable option, to wear alone or as a layering piece. The V-back straps of this style add interest as well as function by allowing the shoulder blades a full range of motion; these straps cannot slip off the shoulders. Designed to fit comfortably while providing support, Motionwear bra tops have specially constructed camisole straps that stretch and move with you.

Material: Silkskyn ( 91% Nylon, 9% Spandex ) Motionwear Silkskyn is a modern, high-tech Nylon Spandex. Micro-fiber knitting creates a buttery soft feel with comfortable, yet firm stretch. Silkskyn's advanced fiber design allows the fabric to breathe while special engineering of the yarns give the fabric the ability to rapidly move moisture away from the body.


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